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Can CO2 capture live alongside a Nuclear Dump

Harbour Energy, which currently runs the gas terminal site, has announced a plan to use the Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal to transport CO2 out to sea and inject it into the space left by the natural gas that has been pumped out. The CO2 will come from the refinery, power station and a terminal at Immingham.

So does this mean the end for the Nuclear Waste Dump? Sad to say, no it doesn't. The search area for a surface site is the whole of East Lindsey. It was said to be centred around but not limited to the gas terminal.

The pipeline would need to go into the terminal site but the only surface taken up would be a valve housing where the new pipeline connects to the offshore pipe.

The red lines show the preferred corridor in which the pipe will be laid. As you can see the chosen route goes straight through the middle of the TGT site. That would seriously inhibit the construction of the dump surface site. However, that could be alleviated by moving the pipe further south. There is also sufficient agricultural land North of the pipeline to accommodate the surface site.

Although the pipeline makes it more difficult to build the surface site at Theddlethorpe it by no means rules it out.

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