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ELDC joins the working group

On Wednesday night East Lindsey District Council voted to join the working group with RWM and Lincolnshire County Council.. Considering the weather the turnout was excellent and we made our opposition to the dump known to all who attended.

It was a difficult choice for us, It would have been better if neither council had joined the group but once LCC had joined the process would have gone ahead without local representation.. What we needed was for ELDC to put in a representative who opposed the siting of a dump at Theddlethorpe. Whether we got that or not remains to be seen. We were allowed to state our case and we received support from several of the executive members.

This is not the end, it is the start of the long fight for public opinion. It will take longer than we'd hoped but we have right on our side and with the support of the public, and the coming elections we will be able to stop this long before we reach the point where RWM offer their test of public support.

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