GOTEC has NOT been invited to join the community partnership

Assertions are being made we were invited to join the community partnership. This is not the case. When the announcement was made we were sent the same press release that went out to the media. In short, it announced that the, so called partnership, had been formed and that NWS was recruiting members. Hardly an invitation. We investigated further and found this at the top of the personal qualities required of members.

Commitment to exploring the possibility of the development of a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) in the identified Search Area, according to the requirements of the WWC Policy

GOTEC as an organisation is fundamentally opposed to locating a Geological Disposal Facility within the search area. In that one recruitment criterion, NWS has told us that an application from GOTEC would not be welcome. It also tells us that all the other members of the said partnership would have to be against us in order to be appointed. It is difficult to find any advantage for us in joining. However, it might look good for NWS to have a "token" opponent in the group.

If any of our members would like to join on a personal basis then go ahead the link is however, you must remember that you join as a member of the public, not as a member of GOTEC.

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