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Our second demonstration at county hall

We had another demonstration outside the county council headquarters in Lincoln on Tuesday 5th October. The executive was deciding whether to join a working group with RWM. Considering that it was the LCC executive that invited RWM to look at our coastline, the result was a foregone conclusion. However, we thought it was important that we showed them our opposition. We were boisterous and noisy and left them in no doubt about the strength of local feelings..

You can find a recording of the meeting here.

It was interesting to hear Cllr Hill contradict himself. First, he tells the meeting that the project would go ahead without them if they voted not to join. A little later he told them that LCC could withdraw from the group at any time and that would effectively mean the end of the project. So they have to join because it would go ahead without them, but it can't go ahead without them. The man seems to hold two opposing opinions at the same time.

Cllr Hill then proposed himself as the council's representative in the group which was accepted by the group.

Our presence was acknowledged at the meeting where we were described as being well informed.

Justin Brown once again mentioned that there were other entities vieing for the site which raises the question of what happens if one of the other buyers steps up with a concrete offer what happens to the GDF. Will it be ruled out or would the surface site be moved further up the coast?

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