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RWM announce the search area will now include Mablethorpe

The yellow area shows the new search area.

RWM which is now trading as Nuclear Waste Services, (how the government likes to waste our money) Has announced a new search area that includes the town of Mablethorpe. The reason they quote is that offices and training schools will need to be housed off-site and that may be in Mablethorpe.

The reality is somewhat different. The site will not fit into the limits of the Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal. The gas terminal occupies only 69 acres but NWS say they might be able to fit their surface site into 1 sq km (247 acres). That means it will cross the ward boundary into Mablethorpe which means they are forced to include the town in the search area and the area that could benefit from the funding.

It should be pointed out that three quarters that 247 acres is currently being used as farmland. So much for it being a brownfield site.

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