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This is where you can find material that you can download and print

The myth of cigar lake

Cigar front.JPG

Cigar Lake is a Uranium Mine in Canada. In their publication, GDF Voice, Because there is no appreciable radiological activity on the surface NWS used it as an example of how the rocks can contain radiation. However, they are not telling the whole story. Click on the PDF button to download and print a tri-fold leaflet that explains why it is not representative of the real case. Click on the image to download

4000 Jobs over 25 years

4000 jobs.front.JPG

In their latest press release, press release NWS made the claim, among others that the project would create 4,000 jobs over 25 years. Many people take that to mean that for 25 years 4,000 will be working on the project. This trifold leaflet explains how the claim doesn't mean what you might think. Click on image to download

How will a GDF affect wildlife

wildlife front.JPG

The proposed site for the above-ground section of the GDF project butts up to a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Because of that many people are asking how locating a GDF surface site there will affect the wildlife in that SSSI. This tri-fold leaflet goes someway to explaining. Click on the image to download.

inspired front.JPG

NWS has released a video in which they claim that their GDF project was inspired by nature and perfected by science. They claim that a fossil formed in rock thousands of years ago proves the viability of burying nuclear waste. This tri-fold leaflet challenges that assertion and  looks at some of the known problems that should rule out the North Sea. Click on the image to download

Climate change thumbnail.JPG

The constant build up of Nuclear Waste is seen as a barrier to the expansion of Nuclear power. The UK government claims that expanding Nuclear power is essential in the fight against climate change. This booklet from Beyond presents the reasons why they are mistaken. Click on the image to download.

Nuclearlife cycle front.JPG

This booklet from Beyond takes you through the whole process of turning Uranium ore into nuclear fuel and then waste. It shows how Nuclear power cannot possibly be called a green technology. It also exposes the myth that nuclear waste can be recycled. Click on the image to download.

radiation on the body front.JPG

This booklet from Beyond Nuclear explains the effect of radiation on the human body and gives examples of how people's health has been affected by escapes from nuclear power sources. "There is no safe dose"  Click on the image to download.

bn_animals-booklet_press front.JPG

There have been a number of accidents throughout the world that have enabled studies of wildlife affected by radiation. This booklet from Beyond Nuclear highlights the way that the nuclear industry has affected wildlife around the world.  Click on the image to download. Click on the image to download

Nuclear power and children.JPG

All the maximum doses are based on the effects of radiation on a  fit male adult, the effects on women are more severe and children even more so. This tri-fold leaflet from Beyond Nuclear details the way that effluent of nuclear power stations affect children. Click on image to download.

Corwm cost review front.JPG

CoRWM is the scrutiny panel for the handling of Nuclear Waste. They have already told the government that Nuclear Power should not be expanded until the problem of what to do with waste is solved. This document examines the financial implications of the constructing of a Geological dump. Click image to download


In 2022 the people of Theddlethorpe carried out a survey of public opinion which revealed that 85% of those who returned the survey were opposed to a GDF being sited in the village. In 2024 a wider survey was carried out using both Facebook and face to Face collection. The result after two years of propaganda  revealed the same result.   Click to download the survey results

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