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Important Information

 Here is a short video that describes the problem and even if a GDF is the answer, why it should not be built in Theddlethorpe.

We've gathered together some information from around the internet to help you understand what is being proposed. Where information is given it all comes from verifiable sourcesand these have been listed.

An introduction to the proposal

The Proposal to build a Geological Disposal Facility on the land encompassing the Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal most of us didn't know exactly what that entailed. 

Test of Public Support

RWM make great play of how a GDF will only be built with the support of a willing community. They assess this by what they call a "test of public support". That sounds like a simple referendum. However, with a project like this nothing is ever that simple. The presentation below explains what they really mean, the way this can distort the result and what GOTEC's position is

Questions to ask

RWM is holding some presentations around the area. Unless you ask them questions they will only tell you what they want you to hear. Below you will find questions you can ask which will get you some of the information you need. Use the up and down arrows to work your way through. By clicking on the printer Icon you can, if you wish, print them out.

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