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Join the fight

We are a non-political group who are doing our best to stop Radioactive Waste Management from building a GeoIogical Disposal Facility on the site of the Theddlethorpe Gas terminal which closed two years ago. When planning permission was granted on the condition that the site should be returned to agriculture as soon as the terminal was no longer required. We want to hold the council to that condition.

Why don't we want a disposal facility for nuclear fuel rods on our doorstep? There are a number of reasons. If we accept that the Disposal Facility will be completely safe The public perception is that nothing Nuclear is ever safe, This presents serious problems for a place that makes its living from tourism. Few people want to take a holiday within a quarter of a mile of a nuclear waste facility? This facility could destroy Mablethorpe as we know it. 

The building of a GDF is a massive project comparable in size to the channel tunnel. Those who have visited our area will know that it is very rural with narrow winding roads, Removing the spoil from the tunnelling operation and bringing materials to the site would involve a large number of heavy lorries using those roads. There is no way the roads would cope with that traffic. They would have to be improved, widened and straightened. Again this would destroy the rural nature of the area.

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