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Allerdale is no longer being considered

A great victory for Radiation Free Lakeland as NWS withdrew from the project aimed at locating a Geological Disposal Facility at Allerdale. NWS who are on record as saying that a willing community could override unsuitable geology have stated that the project has been abandoned on geological grounds.

It certainly looks like the company saw little prospect of getting a positive vote from the people of Allerdale and decided to cut their losses. Unfortunately for Theddlethorpe/Mablethorpe, the decision only increases the likelihood of our area being taken through to the second round.

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Valerie Wilkinson
Valerie Wilkinson
Oct 08, 2023

What did King Charles think about the Theddlethorpe plan when he visited recently?

Feb 12
Replying to

Since finding a host community for a Nuclear Dump is government policy, the King cannot comment.

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