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GOTEC were right about the Jobs

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

At a recent presentation, an NWS spokesperson admitted that the figure of 4000 jobs in the first 25 years is a myth. When asked why their figure was so wildly different from the hundreds of jobs figure given by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority he res[ponded that most of the jobs they were quoting were only temporary.

'Take tunnel sealers,' he said.'We won't need them all the time. Once the tunnel has been sealed their job is finished.'

What he didn't say is that these chaps already have a job. they work for a contractor who does that sort of job all over the world so they are not jobs created by the dump but NWS is counting them as such. In our leaflet 4000 jobs over 25 years we have been somewhat charitable in our estimates. The NDA said that the figure would be at its maximum of 900 jobs during construction falling back to 500 once operations start. Those figures are only likely to fall as automation improves.

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