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It's not a brownfield site

Updated: Oct 3

Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal is clearly shown in this picture courtesy of Google Maps. Outlined in red is an approximation of the land to be used for NWS' Surface site. It is actually slightly larger than this but I've cut some out to simplify the drawing. As you can see the land required is much more than the old gas terminal.

This shows what the land is currently being used for. As you can see more than two thirds of the land is being used for agriculture Yet Lincolnshire County Council continues to refer to it as a Brownfield site.

The planning permission for the gas terminal states that it is conditional on the land being returned to agricultural use when the terminal has reached the end of its life. If you or I ignored the conditions attached to planning permission the council would force us to comply or do the work and force us to pay for it. The terminal has been closed for four years now and was demolished two years ago. If East Linsey District Council had enforced the conditions of the planning permission the whole site would be agricultural by now.

It seems very odd that we have councils that oppose Solar farms, on the basis that food production is more important, are happy to sacrifice 1 sq kilometre of agricultural land to a project aimed at making a dangerous and dirty energy source cheaper.

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