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The truth about Jobs slowly leaks out

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The members of the community partnership were given more information about the number of people employed on the Geological Disposal Facility project. As previously stated the numbers are slowly approaching the figure of just under 1000 quoted by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. However, more interesting figures were revealed.

NWS seems to include imported labour as Local People when they claim 80% of the jobs will go to local people. As you can see from the highlighted statement on the slide, they anticipate inward migration on a large scale.. As you can see from the following slide, they now accept that they will not find the right skills locally.

What no one is prepared to talk about is where will all these incoming people live. Mablethorpe is subject to very strict regulations restricting house building so if we are not to see a Contractors Village where will these three hundred-plus families live?

In the slide above they talk about increasing the competition in the employment market and that could be a good thing in that it should increase salaries. However, there is also a negative side. Increased salaries mean increased costs for our hospitality employers who will have to pass those costs on to customers. If Mablethorpe becomes more expensive, holidaymakers will go elsewhere. Eventually, NWS, or whatever name they go by at the time, will not be the main employer, they will be the only employer Just as they are at Sellafield.

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