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East Lindsey District Council deny the people democracy.

December 13th should be imprinted in the brains of the people of East Lindsey. That was the day democracy died in the district. A full meeting of the council was asked to vote on a motion to demand that the council consult the people to determine what they wanted to be placed on the Gas Terminal site.

The original motion was to call for a referendum in 2024. The council were not allowed to vote on this because the executive claimed it would be unlawful to hold a referendum. With the motion reduced to a consultation, the Conservative members were whipped to defeat the motion. Because of that the motion was defeated 23 votes to 19.

A number of GOTEC members attended and waited two and a half hours to hear a bunch of people, who don't live anywhere near the proposed site, tell us that we were not well enough informed to make a decision. How could they know that without consulting us?

It seems that we are expected to believe that they know what is best for us.

GOTEC would like to thank all of those independent and labour councillors who tried to defend democracy.

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