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How will they supply the massive amount of power required?

No one talks about the huge amount of electrical energy needed to power the site. Once you go underground machinery powered by internal combustion engines cannot be used because of the exhaust fumes. Everything has to be electric. Tunnel boring machines, Trains to transport the waste, hoists and moving machines, All have to be powered by electricity. This creates a power demand that few of us can imagine. The local Power grid couldn't supply the meagre needs of the gas terminal. They had to burn gas to generate their power. The proposed site would house an emergency power supply capable of supplying sufficient power to support life and evacuate the underground workings, so where will the necessary power come from? The nearest substation that would support that demand is Grimsby West, thirty miles of overhead power lines carried on pylons or an even longer power line buried in fields from Theddlethorpe to Grimsby.

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