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Leading expert calls GDF "a nuclear fig leaf."

In an article published by the BBC, Dr Paul Dorfman, associate fellow of the science policy research unit at the University of Sussex and chair of the Nuclear Consulting Group. says that Geological disposal is only a concept, not a reality. He goes on to say that "There is significant scientific uncertainty about whether the materials which would be used can survive the depredations of time." This flies in the face of statements from NWS who pretend that there is universal scientific consensus that geological disposal is the right way forward. In his statement, Dr Dorfman hints at the real reason the nuclear industry is so keen on geological disposal.

"If you can't get rid of the waste, you can't produce more, which means that nuclear's USP - that it's climate-friendly and so on - is completely dependent on the notion that you can get rid of this waste," he says.

"Geological disposal is in fact, unfortunately, a nuclear fig leaf."

GOTEC have always believed that it was an attempt to sweep the problem under the carpet, or in the case of NWS, sweep it under the sea.

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