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The Question they can't Answer, Is it Safe?

"There are two questions that everyone asks us," said a member of the Committee for Radioactive Waste Management, "Is it safe? and how will it affect me? They are both questions that we can't answer."

That will come as a surprise to many because we have been assured time and time again that Geological Disposal is the safest method of handling the waste, and that it will make all our lives better.

So who do we believe, a member of an independent committee that advises the government on the management of Radioactive Waste or representatives of a company that is being paid to convince us that Nuclear waste is the best thing since sliced bread?

The committee spokesperson is using the sort of language that is clear and concise. NWS uses language that is intended to confuse. By claiming that it is the safest method of disposal does not mean it is safe. It only means that it is not as dangerous as other methods that they have considered. They tell us that hosting a GDF would allow us to bid for government funds to improve our infrastructure. However, saying we could bid for cash is a long way short of saying you will get it.

This is why the CoRWM spokesperson says that they can't answer those questions.

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1 Comment

If there was a government minister living in the area ,the answer to the question”is it safe.” Would be a resounding “NO”

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