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What happened to LCC neutrality

Lincolnshire County Council has advertised the position of "Policy and Engagement Officer (Nuclear Energy" Which is a little strange considering there are no Nuclear facilities in Lincolnshire. What is more strange is that the person specification calls for no nuclear knowledge whatsoever. This position is to be wholly funded by Nuclear Waste Services.

Cllr Hill, leader of the council claims that the person who takes the position will be solely under the control of the council and independent of NWS. However to believe that is to deny the existence of Sponsor Bias. The successful applicant will know who is paying their salary and if they want to keep a well-paid job they will not do or say anything to endanger that salary. Sponsor Bias is well known in research circles where it is advised that research sponsored by an interested party be treated with more scepticism than an independent survey.

Given that there are no other Nuclear operations in Lincolnshire It would seem that LCC are claiming that liaising with NWS is a full-time.

To most of us, it looks like Nuclear Waste services using taxpayers' money to smooth the way for their Nuclear Waste Dump. By accepting what looks like a bribe LCC are calling into question their claim of neutrality.

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